Where to find Tears Vodka


Café Zeta

Grote Markt 28, 2511 BG The Hague

Zeta is a super cozy bar/restaurant located at the Grote Markt in the city center of The Hague. This is the place where locals and tourists come together while enjoying a delicious streetfood meal and a drink ofcourse!  
Don't be shy to ask the bartender for some Tears vodka.

Helders' drankenspeciaalzaak

Dorpsstraat 130, 2712 AN Zoetermeer

Helders' is an establishment in Zoetermeer. They have a very exclusive selection of spirits, beers and wines.



Oosterheemplein 549 Zoetermeer

Deliterslijter.nl is a liquor store famous for having a wide range of Spirits you wouldn't find elsewhere.

Liquor store SupermarktNL

Herengracht 13, 2511 EG The Hague

This Liquor store is located in the city center of The Hague. Selling al kinds of liquor till late in the evening.

Wine Bottles

Liquor store Sital

Gedempte Burgwal 61, 2512 BS The Hague

Sital is a liquor store in The Hague with an unique location next to the Grote Markt and a wide variety of drinks.

Wine shop De Filosoof

Papestraat 5, 2513 AV The Hague

De Filosoof is a cozy Wine shop located in the Papestraat in The Hague. Famous for selling high quality wines and a small selection of Spirits. The owner of the shop is a passionate man who would love to tell you more about his collection.


Liqour store Goudsesingel

Goudsesingel 227, 3031EK Rotterdam

If u ask anyone late in the evening in Rotterdam where to buy a bottle of Tears Vodka. They will tell you to order at this store, even better they will deliver it to your doorstep.



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